Wedding Stories

What Your Wedding Menu Style Should Look Like


Decisions concerning the cuisine of your event are unarguably some of the most important choices you'll make in the planning process. Of course, you don't want to carry last in Naija, so you have to think and plan well. The cost of food can account for approximately 40% of the total expenses of the wedding, so it’s vital that you consider each option carefully.

Things To Do After Getting Married


Let me take a moment to congratulate you on your marriage. All the anxiety that comes with planning a wedding, the nerve-wracking experience that you had as you took the long walk to the altar, the heightened moments of great excitement, and the depressing, frustrating period of worries have become feelings and emotions buried in the past.

How To Write Unique Wedding Vows.

The most special, most romantic part of any wedding is wrapped up in the few moments prospective couples take to exchange sacred words of promises - also known as wedding vows - by which they make lifelong commitments to one another. While it is true that some officiants insist that couples stick with the traditional vows, couples are generally allowed to scribble down their own vows in their own words.

How I Almost Fell In Love With A Married Man

I met a married man. I didn’t know he was married and now that I think of it, I should ask my friend who introduced us for an explanation. Did he too not know his friend was married?
Anyway, Mr K (let’s call the married man that) was amazing.

Amina's Plight

From the age of 16, Amina Danbara had fantasized about her dream wedding. She wanted the right blend of colours, a diamond ring in particular for her engagement, a 6ft tall man who would be very wealthy, influential and handsome. She even shared most of her plans and wishes to her friends at that tender age.

Five Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria

A honeymoon is a period of time spent together by newly-married couples right after their wedding ceremony.  It provides the perfect opportunity to relieve all the mental and physical stress, and to enjoy some privacy. Most couples exploit this opportunity, going away for as long as a week or two.

We Are Here For The Food

I have heard a lot of people complain about not getting food at weddings. It isn't that one cannot  afford to feed oneself but there is something about looking at steaming plates of jollof rice and Amala that makes you hurt and angry if you do not get a plate.

Here is Why You Need to Properly Plan your Pre-wedding Shoot

It is 2017 and one of the main highlights of a wedding would be the photos that will accompany you throughout your marriage lifetime. In Naija, if you do not have the "Almighty pre-wedding photos", it is thought that your wedding is not modern. It is one of the rare moments where cheesy and cute

Is Your Wedding day Really Your Day

I absolutely adore weddings and because of this, I never miss an opportunity to attend any wedding I think I would enjoy.  So over the weekend, I attended a friend's wedding. Yes, (covers face),  they are all getting married,  and I'm like "Lord, where is bae?"

How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

Every woman has probably dreamt about how perfect her wedding gown is supposed to be and look. In fact, for many brides, it’s the toughest part of the wedding process. Choosing the perfect gown doesn’t have to be a Herculean task, in fact, it can be a very easy process.