Wedding Stories

We Are Here For The Food

I have heard a lot of people complain about not getting food at weddings. It isn't that one cannot  afford to feed oneself but there is something about looking at steaming plates of jollof rice and Amala that makes you hurt and angry if you do not get a plate.

Here is Why You Need to Properly Plan your Pre-wedding Shoot

It is 2017 and one of the main highlights of a wedding would be the photos that will accompany you throughout your marriage lifetime. In Naija, if you do not have the "Almighty pre-wedding photos", it is thought that your wedding is not modern. It is one of the rare moments where cheesy and cute

Is Your Wedding day Really Your Day

I absolutely adore weddings and because of this, I never miss an opportunity to attend any wedding I think I would enjoy.  So over the weekend, I attended a friend's wedding. Yes, (covers face),  they are all getting married,  and I'm like "Lord, where is bae?"

How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

Every woman has probably dreamt about how perfect her wedding gown is supposed to be and look. In fact, for many brides, it’s the toughest part of the wedding process. Choosing the perfect gown doesn’t have to be a Herculean task, in fact, it can be a very easy process.

Big Mummy "palava"

I attended a friend's wedding recently and to an extent, it was fun. But you know in Nigeria, a wedding is considered imperfect if item 7 falls short of inspection. Yes! At this friend's wedding, everything was gorgeous and I mean gorgeous. The decor, the bridesmaids' dresses, aso-ebi. Everything was on point. But at the climax of the event, that time where guests were eagerly awaiting trays and trays of exquisitely prepared delicacies, things came to a standstill.

A Real Nigerian wedding!

So, you have found the one, and you want a quiet wedding in a serene environment where you can celebrate with a few real friends and family. Dear prospective groom, your ambition is understandable. But before you dream further, let me tell you a short story. Once, a friend of mine and a prospective groom had called his mother, and told her he wanted to have a simple wedding at a quiet beach.
“Beash, what beash?” His mother

The long walk to the altar : Lights, Camera, Action!

Several studies have concluded that most brides have serious anxiety about walking down the aisle on their wedding day. The anticipation of the big day, the fever that comes with standing in a crowd of faces, and the thought of standing at the altar to be wed can make even the calmest brides feel a little nervous.

What Is The Point Of A Bridal Shower/ Bachelor Party?

So you’re about to get married; you’re about to begin a completely new phase of your life, and you intend to make every single minute count (excuse the pun). You plan to have one last night of freedom, one last chance, one last opportunity to do whatever you want… whatever.

It’s cool

Lets Talk About Sex


“Can sex really kill a marriage?”

A friend once asked me this question, and I had wanted to scream the answer in his ears, but we were in a Catholic church, and the Reverend Father was shooting occasional glances at my general direction. So I had to bend slightly over and whisper it to him, then I had given him the expression that conveyed the words “Are you kidding me?”