7 Things Brides Wish They Knew Before The Wedding Day

By Ademola Adeyoju |

Brides—apart from those getting married the second or third time—are largely inexperienced and have absolutely no idea what they are doing most of the time. And since there are no institutions that prepare prospective couples for their big days, they almost always have to ‘learn on the job’, improvise, and just go with the flow.At this, some couples succeed, and some others fail, woefully. So, without further ado, let’s run through a few things you wish you knew before your wedding day.


Number One: Eat Something.

This probably sounds like funny advice, but wedding comes with insane rush and actively participating—and being the center of attention—in a wedding is such a high-pitched, stressful, and extremely demanding exercise that might make you feel overwhelmed in no time. Many couples endure nauseousness and light-headedness because they forget to eat on their big day, so for the sake of everything that is holy, try and get something in your stomach before you step out.

Number Two:   Get a Videographer.

Wedding videos are the best!

They are a treasure that will keep your company every day for the rest of your life. They are a beautiful way to capture and immortalize every single moment in digital. They are also a great means to preserve all the memories and the tiniest of details. So, no matter how small your budget is, get a videographer. Make every moment last.

Number Three: Watch Yourself.

Perhaps the easiest way to ruin your own wedding—and consequently, your wedding night—is to get drunk. I’m not saying that downing a glass of champagne is a bad idea or that you shouldn’t stay hydrated; I’m merely imploring you to keep it moderate. Have a blast, but keep your bubbling excitement in check; drink some wine, but don’t get greedy; eat some food, but don’t devour everything you see. Your body will suffer for it, and you’d wish that you’d done things differently.

Number Four: Practice Posing.

Not everyone is photogenic.

Unless you’re a model, there’s no shame in taking active steps to improve how you look in the lens. Ensure that you practice and perfect your poses in front of the mirror, in front of a friend, or even your partner. If you’re boxed up, you could even hire a wedding photographer—they have tons of perfect poses you can steal from.

Number Five: Talk to Your Photographer.

No photographer—however smart or brilliant—can capture your exact imaginations. Naturally, whoever you have hired will capture only the moments they consider significant. But what about all the cute shots you have lined up in your head? Once you decide who to hire, feel free to lay out every idea in your head. If he thinks you’re being bossy or teaching him how to do his job, fire him and hire someone else. It’s your day. You deserve the perfect package.

Number Six: DIY is Really Stressful

In Nigeria, most prospective couples handle their weddings by themselves and only a few hire planners. But before you delve into the brutal world of wedding planning, you should understand that it’s extremely stressful and not for the faint at heart. If you lack adequate help and support, a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach may consume you, deplete your energy terribly, and get you obsessed as you attempt to make everything perfect.

Number Seven: It’s Not Going to Be Perfect.

Listen, things aren’t going to go exactly as planned. Try not to get nervous. It may rain; the food may taste a little salty; traffic hold-up might delay your dramatic entrance; power supply may interrupt your first couple dance; a distant cousin might get drunk and spoil the show; certain awkward history might surface; and a fight might erupt ‘at the back’. You can’t possibly anticipate every scenario and you can’t have a solution to everything. Just flow with the punches. Don’t freak out.

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