Banke's Tales : The Relationship (2)

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A waiter who had witnessed the horrible scene watched as the ‘gentleman’ started to move his fist towards the lady, he couldn’t watch what was about to happen so he ran to the man and told him the company was against assault as it wasn’t good for publicity. “Who are you to tell me what is or isn’t acceptable?” Bode exclaimed,


somewhere inside him, a tiny voice told him the waiter was right and he shouldn’t cause a scene so he said “it’s fine, we’ll leave” He looked at Bianca who appeared stunned like she couldn’t understand the scene unfolding before her, she had the audacity to look beautiful even in that state, gosh, she was beautiful, sitting down with a red mark across her cheekbone from where he hit her, her hair had come undone from the band she held it with, she looked so vulnerable, so beautiful, so hurt. He shook his head when he realized that the waiter was waiting for him to make a move, he looked over at Bianca again, picked his jacket and said in a very low voice “Get up Bee, we’re leaving”. She stood up, picked her purse and followed him wordlessly out of the restaurant.


Even as she walked past the different people dining, she could feel their eyes boring into her back. “They all pity me” she thought “They don’t know a thing about me, they think I should say something, they think I’m the victim, they don’t know”. Soon, Bianca and Bode were in his car heading towards his house and even though she wanted nothing more than to be away from him for a few hours, she knew she didn’t dare complain. So she looked straight ahead and studied the cars that passed by with more concentration than she felt. Bode took his eyes off the road for a second and stared at the woman by his side. He would make it up to her, he thought, he would buy her some dress from Laura’s latest collection or the new gold necklace the internet was buzzing about. Expensive things always looked beautiful on her. “You’re missing an earring” he said. “Oh, it must have fallen when you… when we” Bianca’s voice trailed off. “When we had an argument, you mean?” Bode finished. “Look Bee, we’re about as good as it gets, even the happiest couples fight, we had a minor issue but we’re good, right?” Bode asked. “Are you happy? Bianca asked. “Of course, you satisfy me, Bee” Bode said in his most gentle tone. “Then I am also happy, and Bode? ” Bianca loathed herself for playing along and feeding his tyranny but it wouldn’t be long now, only a few weeks more before she freed herself. “I am sorry I upset you, I know you love me and I shouldn’t have said what I said earlier” Bianca persuaded.

“I don’t know why you intentionally annoy me, but you know I could never stay mad at you for long, I forgive you Bee, Now Let’s get you some ice for your face when we get home.” Bode finished.

Bianca looked at him and moved her long slender fingers over his thighs to give him reassurance that she was indeed going to make it up to him later that night, when it was cold and they were alone, in his king size bed.  Fifteen minutes later, they were in his luxurious apartment. Bianca had to admit that despite her own fairly wealthy background, Bode would be what people described as ‘stinking rich’. He was born with a ‘diamond’ spoon in his mouth and hadn’t let it go since birth. His Father was the well-known Judge Williams and although he was a force to reckon with, it was Bode’s mum who held the chips. Bianca would have described herself as fearless but Bode’s mum made her want to sink into the ground, her reputation preceded her and it was not a nice reputation, her very name struck fear into the hearts of people and her presence made even the most powerful men succumb to her whims. All that was in the past though, Judge Williams had passed on three years earlier and barely a year after, Mrs. Williams suffered from a nervous breakdown, no one knew what had caused it but most people said all her wicked deeds finally caught up to her.  Bode, being the only son of the Williams did what was best for him and put his mum in a home where her needs could be taken care of. And that was when the opportunity to integrate herself into Bode’s life presented itself to Bianca. She quickly made herself available at social gatherings she knew he would attend and not long after that, the fish took the bait.

“You will stay here tonight, Jude can pick you up and take you to work in the morning” Bode said. His voice jerked Bianca out of her reverie and she realized they were now standing in his bedroom. “Okay, I’ll get started on dinner” she said. “We’ve been together for eleven months and you still try to cook for me, I have told you I don’t want you in the kitchen” He held her waist and looked at her while brushing strands of hair away from her face. “I don’t want you to ever work anymore, under no circumstance will you wash, clean or cook, not for me and not for anyone. As soon as we get married, I will cater for every need you may have” He finished. Bianca lifted his hands from her waist and kissed it, “Yes, you will, love. You certainly will” she replied. There was something about the way she said it that made Bode uneasy but he shrugged off the feeling. She was a sweet, beautiful and obedient woman, and what’s more, she seemed not to understand her value and he easily ordered her around. That was one of the reasons he proposed to her with the 6 karat diamond she now wore on her delicate fingers. He would marry her and own her, unlike his father, who was too weak to take charge of his home, he had left mama to make all the important decisions till his dying breath. Bode shuddered at the memory, cleared his thoughts. The night quickly passed and when Bianca opened her eyes the following morning, she saw that Bode was already awake, half dressed and was currently on the phone with someone. He had also made her breakfast, pancakes and some fruit juice carefully placed on the bed.

It smelled delicious and Bianca thought to herself “He would have made a perfect husband, I might even believe that he has some ounce of romance in him, if only I was really-” “You’re awake” Bode’s voice called out even as he briskly ended his call. He walked over to her and kissed her soundly on the lips “You look stunning Bee, and your face isn’t swollen at all, maybe you should wear your hair down today, no one needs to know about the minor argument we had yesterday, and oh, I already told Jude to come pick you up.” Bode stood up and started dressing up for work while casually looking at her. “Thank you, love” Bianca said lovingly “I’ll get a car as soon as I’m done with driving school” She continued. “Hahahaha” Bode laughed mockingly “You’ll buy a car? You barely earn enough to buy necessities, you don’t have enough money, the good news though is I’m rich” He announced proudly.

I can buy you any car you want, heck, you can choose whichever you fancy from my garage, but you’ll say no as usual.” He looked a bit upset and continued “You won’t refuse my gifts once we’re married, you know. I’ll give you everything” Bianca beamed and said “ Wait till we’re married before you brag,  I’m not feeling up to going to work this morning, I’ll call in sick but you should leave before you’re late.” Bianca smiled knowingly and added “I forgot, you’re the boss”. “I still stick to the rules, and hey bee, we’ve got a luncheon I want you to attend with me later today, I’ll pick you up from your place when it’s time. Wear that blue dress, the one with the sequins, it accentuates your curves.” And just like that, Bode was gone. Bianca knew it would be a long day so she started to mentally prepare herself for the luncheon.


Later that evening, they were in a small but tastefully decorated hall,  the display of food ranged from juicy looking steaks, chicken that had been grilled till the skin became black, crispy shrimps with soy sauce, fruits of all types, Basmati Rice, Jollof rice, pepper soup and some foods Bianca had never even seen all her life. The irony of it was most of them weren’t eating, they mostly had a glass of wine and that was it. Bianca herself knew she wouldn’t go past the fruit salad she was holding, she was contemplating the guests when a man Bode introduced earlier as Professor Adebayo walked up to her. “Bianca, hope you’re enjoying yourself” Prof. said. “Of course, professor, everything looks so nice” Bianca answered politely. The Professor followed her gaze to where Bode was engrossed in a conversation with two men. “I hope Bode realizes how lucky he is, you’re a gem” and the professor put his hands on her waist and moved it lower, Bianca jerked his hands away and said tight lipped “If you’ll excuse me, Professor” she didn’t want to embarrass Bode but she needed some air so she scurried off to the restroom.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Bode saw Bianca smile and flirt with the Professor he had just introduced to her only few minutes ago. Even as he appeared like he was totally concentrating on what the man in front of him was saying, he only paid attention to her. In gatherings like this, women could never be trusted and she was already proving him right.  He saw the prof touch her and she didn’t even look offended, she merely brushed his hand off and hurried to restroom, that was obviously an invitation for the Prof to follow and sure enough, he made a dash for the female restroom barely seconds after Bee went in. “…deals like that shouldn’t cost much” the man facing him was saying. “Excuse me” Bode said and quickly left, he wanted to catch them in the act. ‘That whore, after everything I’ve done for her” He said to himself.

In the restroom, Bianca stood in front of the large gold plaited mirror and stared at her reflection, she looked stunning and had never thought less of herself, tall, slim but she’d been told she had just enough fat in the right places. However, anyone who took time to look into her eyes would see that she looked tired and beaten; she straightened herself and said “Bianca, you’re going back to that party and you will be pleasant no matter what, you will be the perfect bride to be and you will forget about that crappy old man”. As if on cue, Professor Adebayo walked into the restroom, stood behind the door, licked his lips and said “I have to admit, I thought you wouldn’t be interested at first but mother luck must really like me” he started to move towards her. “You are a sick man, professor. You made a terrible mistake following me in here, I am not interested in you, in any way and don’t you come near me”. Prof laughed and said “Feisty, I see, my first wife was exactly like this. I understand women more than anyone gives me credit for. You all want it, but you say no, so we can chase you around first. Look, I’m all for the long game but we don’t have much time before someone comes in here, so let’s get it going” “You know what? You’re right, let’s not waste any more time” Bianca said and moved closer to embrace the Professor, as soon as she was in his arms, she removed her Chinese hair pin and stabbed as hard as she could. Even as the Professor yelped in pain, she cleaned the blood off her hairpin and fixed it back in her hair. She then straightened her dress and walked majestically out of the restroom only to bump into Bode at the door. “What happened in there Bee? I saw him go in there after you” Bode accused. “Prof merely lost his way and already pointed him in the right direction, can we please leave? I’m bored” Bode looked at her and wanted to say something but the look on her face scared him so he said, “Fine, but we will talk about this” They left the hall and as they got out, Bode picked his phone and quickly made a phone call but Bianca hardly heard anything, all she got was him saying “Do It! Tonight” and with that they drove home quietly.

The following morning, Bianca was back at her place and even as she switched on her television, what she saw shocked her. The picture of Professor Adebayo flooded the screen, he had been murdered the previous night. He was stabbed multiple times and bled to death in a car park. Bianca was shaking now even as she stood transfixed in front of the screen, she stabbed the professor in his behind last night but that was barely a scratch, he would have recovered and he certainly wasn’t bleeding out when she left him. Then she suddenly remembered the weird phone call Bode made “Do It tonight” he had said. She dashed for her phone and as soon as she heard his voice, she screamed “what have you done?!”

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You can like to put people in suspense. We are waiting for the conclusion.
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