Banke's Tales : The Relationship (3)

By Oluwashantel |

This is the third part of this story, if you are stumbling on this, you might want to read Part one and two here. The Relationship (1) The Relationship(2) .

“Calm down Bee, It’s not what you think?” Bode sounded strained. “How can it not be?” Bianca continued screaming, you murdered him, you evil man, you murdered him, I should have known you were capable of-” Bianca was sobbing now. “ Bee, do not say anything you will regret, I’m coming over to you now, stay there and don’t call anyone” Bode put on his khaki shorts and yellow vest, picked up his car keys and dashed out like a mad person was on his trail.


Back at Bianca’s place, she was on the floor, wearing her floral nightdress but it was wet with tears now, she had stopped crying and a thousand thoughts were flying through her head. She was thinking about the previous night, she should have just told the Professor off rather than hurting the man, she should have known that Bode was capable of murder, she shouldn't have gone for the party at all. She heard the familiar sound of her front door opening and knew it was Bode coming in, she quickly stood up and took the nearest weapon she could find which turned out to be a hairbrush. She held on to it as she might a sword and pointed it towards the door, Bode walked in and saw her, she looked like a train wreck and there was fear written all over her. “Are you gonna defend yourself with that brush? Because if that’s it, you might as well be dead by now if I were really a murderer” Bode said in a casual but controlled tone. “What?” Bianca mumbled. It took her a few seconds to understand that he was joking before she retorted “How can you make light of this situation? A man is dead and it’s all your fault but you’re joking about it?” “Watch it now, Bee and stop shouting, someone might hear you. I did not kill Prof, he was probably involved in something dangerous and they caught up with him” Bode stated. “I find it hard to believe that his evil deeds caught up to him just hours after he was found flirting with your fiancée, Bode how could you? He was a human being, he had a life, family, kids” Bianca was close to tears now. “Oh please, now you’re being dramatic. I have to admit that a part of me is a little hurt that you actually think I’m capable of murder, for chrissakes, I’ll be the father of your kids. Wow! just wow” Bode moved to the edge of her bed and sat down, wiped his sweaty forehead and gave his most hurt look. Bianca started to feel ashamed that she didn’t even give him the benefit of a doubt, maybe he wasn’t capable of murder after all “Well, I didn’t mean to just attack you, I saw the picture on the news and I couldn’t help but think you were involved, I mean, I know how possessive you are of me but I see now that I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions” Bianca moved towards him and sat by his side, nestled her head in his neck and whispered “I’m sorry, love” “Is that an apology?” Bode asked. “Yes? Didn’t it sound like one?” Bianca retorted. “Fine, I’ll take it, but you owe me, bee” Bode replied and stood up. “You’re leaving?” Bianca had thought he would at least stay with her, it was Saturday and usually his freest day. “Yes, I have to go, I just had to come clear the nonsense you were saying, I’ll see you in the evening for our cake tasting appointment.” Bode explained. “okay, Bode but where exactly are you going?” Bianca pressed. Bode looked at her for a while, she never called him his name except it was important. He started to ask why she was questioning him but decided against it and instead said “I’ve got to tie up a few loose ends” “Like hiding a bloody body?” Bianca mumbled inaudibly “what did you say?” Bode asked. “I could use a bloody drink” Bianca lied, Bode started to talk but Bianca said “I know I can’t drink. I’ll be fine. Have a nice day, love” With that, Bode walked out. Bianca looked at his rapidly disappearing back and thought “There goes a cold blooded killer” she knew then that she had to act fast or she would become the victim. She took off her nightdress and walked naked to her bathroom fully intending to have a cold shower despite the weather.


Two weeks later, Bianca and Bode were inside a bridal shop scouting for her wedding dress, Bianca did not have friends to help her with decisions like that and she planned going alone but when she told Bode, he had surprisingly cancelled his appointments for the day and drove her there. Even now as she tried on the third dress with the help of the sales girl who never ceased to tell her how beautiful she looked. Bianca understood that Bode was well known for his affluence and the girl simply wanted to please the future Mrs. Williams, which she had no issues with. She stepped out from the changing room and walked to the mirror to look at herself and what she saw took her breath away, she looked like a queen in a ball gown rather than just a bride, the dress was embellished with stones across the bust and on the lower part was an assembled layer of the softest satin silk she had ever felt, the dress has a little belt that hung just below her bust. Bianca honestly couldn’t care less about the dress she wore to the wedding but looking at her reflection now, she knew this was the dress and so she turned to Bode, made a Cinderella swirl and asked what his thoughts were. “Bode looked up from his magazine and simply said “you look fat” The sales girl gasped and quickly caught herself so she looked elsewhere but at the couple. “Oh, really?” Bianca asked. “I didn’t notice that.” She did not want him to see the disappointment on her face so she turned and briskly walked to the changing room while the salesgirl hurriedly followed behind. Bode simply continued to look at the men’s magazine he was holding. As soon as they got to the changing room, Bianca half yelled at the sales girl “get this rag off me” and the salesgirl started working at the buttons. Few minutes later, Bianca was clothed in what she thought was the most indecent dress in the store, It was a tube dress with a v-neck as deep as the ocean, it was designed to push up her breasts and had a sheer material on her midriff, the rest wasn’t as bad though because it had all these beautiful little pearl attachments all over it. Bianca looked at herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time and felt proud, she would succeed in wasting Bode’s time, she thought. She was almost sure he would hate the dress too and ask her to go and change. “we’re gonna do this all day” she muttered as she carefully walked out of the room. “Oh my God! Bianca, you look like a goddess, Aphrodite herself would be jealous if she could see you right now” Bode gushed. “Where is the veil?” he motioned to the lady “ put the veil on her, please” he continued. Bianca continued to look stunned even as Bode moved round her adjusting the gown in several places and putting every detail in place. By the time he and the lady were done, she knew that was her wedding dress and even though she looked like a cheap movie star. She would pretend for Bode, nothing could go wrong now, the wedding was just two weeks away. She would let him choose everything if it would make him happy, happy enough to forget the prenuptial agreement she had already spied in his drawer earlier that week, being the son of a judge and seeing as his mother had controlled their wealth up until her unfortunate health issue, Bianca already knew he would want her to sign a prenup, he was extremely careful when it came to his money but what he didn’t count on was Bianca, with her, the whole game would change. “We’ll take the dress” Bode said and jerked her out of her reverie. He looked at her smiled while he squeezed her hands.


As they stepped out of the store,Bode went to drop the items they purchased in the car trunk while Bianca followed behind when she heard someone call her name “Bee-an-cah” He shouted from excitement, even as Bianca heard it, she knew who it was, “Chisom” she replied and immediately got flooded with memories. Chisom had closed the distance between them now and hugged her tightly, “Bianca, bunny, wow, you look fabulous, gosh it’s been too long,babes. You just left after our getaway, no calls, no text, nothing, I’m still a little hurt, you know” Bode cleared his throat to signal his presence and they both turned around. Bianca quickly regained her composure and said “Erm, Bode, meet Chisom, he was my friend and colleague at my former workplace” “Friends? So, now we were just friends, Bianca” Chsiom said, sounding a little hurt, “Is it because of this guy? Is he your man now? I see you’re in the big leagues now” Chisom continued, he had never been very good at hiding his feelings and was still talking about her like she was part of his territory. “ Well, chairman, you better cuff her with a ring if you don’t want her to  run off like she did to me” He continued addressing Bode who only looked like he was bored and went inside the car without saying a word to either Bianca or Chisom. “Chisom, what on earth are you doing talking to me like you own me, we haven’t seen each other for years and you come around and address my fiancé like he’s your equal” Bianca fired. “Oh, you’re engaged to him? Wow, he likes you then” Chisom said seriously. “Yes! In fact, he likes it so much that he’s about to put a ring on it in two weeks” she replied loudly enough for Bode to hear. “Okay, babe, I hear you loud and clear, just be careful, there’s something about him…you’re different now, he can ruin you” Chisom said and gently gave her a pat on the arm. “Not if I ruin him first” she muttered to herself. “Bye, chisom” Bianca said and stepped into the car to meet a very angry looking Bode. As soon as he started driving, Bianca started to apologize but he merely said “it’s fine” Bode was seriously fighting for control, in the past weeks, she had shown such amazing traits especially in the planning of the wedding, she wasn’t like the other girls who wanted the most expensive things because they knew he could afford it. She was absolutely fine with every choice he made, if he didn’t know better, he would have thought she was submissive to a fault. He would let this one slide because of her, she was going to be his in just 11 days, he had to admit that he was more in love with her than he thought possible. At first, this was merely a case of ‘man meets hot, intelligent girl’. She was meant to be one of his many conquests but it turned out she was tough as nails, extremely intelligent with valuable input on almost everything he discussed with her, his favorite sport, exercise, food and hobbies were hers too. It had almost been like she was spying on him before they met. After he found out she was a natural submissive, that sealed the deal. It was extremely rare to find a woman who was submissive and intelligent. So, here he was, so in love that he was considering not giving her the prenup he already prepared, she wasn’t greedy at all, besides, her ex, chisom, was only a minor cog in the wheel, she obviously still had feelings for him, but he was Bode, and he wasn’t known for taking any chances.


Two days later, Chisom was involved in an accident, it was classified as a hit and run and the driver was never found. The doctors pronounced that he was in coma and may come out of it brain damaged. Bianca was however oblivious to this fact and things started moving at a fast pace concerning the upcoming wedding and soon, the wedding was only two days away. Bode had not brought up the Prenuptial agreement and she couldn’t find it anymore in the drawer where he had kept it. Things were going according to plan; Bode had been caring than usual, calling her and making sure she wasn’t stressed. Her mum had called to have a pep talk with her about ‘marriage stuff’ but she had paid little attention because she already knew all there was to know about marriage which was simple “Let the man think he’s winning, feed his ego and when he least expects it, turn the tables” Even now as she stood in what was to be her and Bode’s room as husband and Wife, it felt weird that she actually succeeded in getting Bode right where she wanted him. In just two days, she would be Mrs. Williams and she planned to be a very good wife to him for as long as she wanted. 

She was running, something was chasing her, she stumbled on a twig and quickly regained her balance, she constantly looked back to see how far her pursuer had come, whoever it was had almost caught up to her, she ran even faster, her forehead beaded with sweat, she took a bend and went around the little white house, there was a brown dog sitting by the front door, but it just stared at her while she ran past the house, it didn’t bark or run after her, even as she ran past, there was something vaguely familiar about the dog but she was too busy running to figure it out, she looked back now and saw that her pursuer was only a few feet away from her, in that instant, she stumbled on a little dollhouse and fell heavily to the floor, she started to scramble for the nearest window against the wall of the little white house, her pursuer was holding something that looked like a whip, he wasn’t running anymore, yes, he was definitely a man but she couldn’t see his face, he was moving towards her now, stalking her like a predator who had backed his prey into a corner, she was sobbing loudly now “help me please, somebody help, anybody, just …help me” but her voice melted with the wind as she watched people shut their windows to keep her cries out. “No one can hear you, girl, you can scream all you want but you’re coming with me” He replied while he closed in on her, there was something in his voice and even as she remembered, she whispered “Daddy?” He held out his whip and screamed “Shut up, I’m not your daddy” and even as the whip landed on her thighs, his face changed to that of another man, her eyes widened and this time, her voice came out hoarse, “Bode, is that you?” she asked. 

To be continued. 

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And here I was, thinking this was the final part. I don't know if I should be happy I'll get more of this or sad I have no clue as to how it will end but I thing I know... This is a brilliant piece
Be keeping us in suspense,please the continuation should be early. Nice job