Banke’s Tales : When Karma Is Your Friend (3)

By Oluwashantel |

This is the concluding part of this story; you can read the first and second part before continuing. (Karma 1 & Karma 2).

I dropped my phone through shaky hands and sank to the floor, I know that sounds dramatic but at this point, I was already very much in love with Demola and I wasn’t in the mood for any heart breaks (not that anyone ever is). After a few minutes of indulging in some serious self –pity, I stood up and called my friend, she always knew what to do in situations like this. “Babe” I started as soon as she picked it, “I think Demola is dating that Temmy girl I told you about”. “The one from the wedding?” she replied. “I knew it, I just knew that something was up with that girl, she get olosho eye, husband snatcher gene dey her body, we need to show her we don’t play around”


she continued. I rolled my eyes at her theatrics; she had the tendency to blow things out of proportion when issues like this came up. “Do you think I should ask Demola? Maybe I should just tell him what I found, maybe there’s a reasonable explanation for this, they might have been playing around” I said. “Wait o, are you alright? See this one o, so you’ll just ask him if you’re his sidechic and he’ll answer? Mtchew, no make I vex for you babe, just keep quiet for now, I’ll come over to your place in the evening, we’ll talk better then” she ended the conversation with me still holding my phone to my ear. I couldn’t wait that long without doing something about this, I thought.  So, I picked up my phone and called Demola, I explained what I saw and told him I thought he was cheating and he should just tell me the truth because we could still work things out, but he denied it and accused me of being overly jealous and looking for things that weren’t there. He said he had no reason to double date since he could have either one of us, it sounded plausible enough but my mind wasn’t so settled about it.

Weeks later, things weren’t so great between us anymore, he wouldn’t reply my texts, hardly called and wasn’t as sweet as he used to be, when I complained that we were growing apart, he said he was on a spiritual cleansing journey and was in church most of the time, I felt relieved that he opened up to me, he said he felt like he was missing out on a lot of things and needed to figure out where he missed it, he even asked me to pray with him as often as I could. I thought this was it, I finally had my man where I wanted him, in God’s care. I had a short break from my PPA and offered to spend it with him but he said he needed to be alone during the period, he said he wanted to take a break from sexual activities and do a rebranding of himself. I was so proud of all the steps he was taking and I pledged my undying love to him, I even fasted for seven days asking solely for God to establish him during this ‘spiritual cleansing’ period.

At this stage, I was already following Temmy on Instagram after accidentally stumbling on her page. I think she knew who I was but we never contacted each other in any way, I merely let sleeping dogs lie. Since I couldn’t travel to see Demola, I just spent the break lazing around and randomly checking pictures online. So, let’s pretend I wasn’t really stalking Temmy’s page, but I noticed that she posted a picture of herself, Demola and his sister while they were in his car.Then she put up a caption about how this was the best break she ever had because it was spent in his company. You’ll find this hard to believe but I laughed, I looked at the three of them and laughed so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks, I laughed at my own folly, I laughed at my naivety but in the midst of all that, at least i was finally getting some closure, there was no denying this now. Demola and Temmy were definitely together. I looked at their picture once more and clicked on the like button, then I went on to like a few more of her pictures, I wanted her to know I saw it, message received loud and clear. Little did I know that I was sealing my own fate with that one act. Less than 20 minutes later, demola called and asked why I was threatening Temmy by liking her pictures and even though I didn’t understand how liking a picture equated to making a threat, I merely kept quiet and listened to him tell me our relationship was over because I couldn’t handle small issues, he went on to say he was dating the two of us but he liked me more and would have married me, and I had now ruined our chances together. I didn’t utter one word; I couldn’t, even if I had wanted to. Should I have yelled, cried or begged him? Just Like that, it was over.

Don’t pity me guys, the story is about to get really interesting. Weeks after Demola and I broke up, life returned to normal and apart from the occasional stalking which I couldn’t control, everything else was fine. Temmy now posted pictures of Demola and even had the audacity to put up a caption talking about how God always helps her overcome her rivals. Now, Demola like most men, did not put up posts frequently, as a matter of fact, not once did he post my picture on his Instagram page. However, on this day, it was Temmy’s birthday so I eagerly waited to see if he would celebrate her and I was not disappointed. For the first time, he posted a picture of her and wrote all sorts of romantic stuff and how dear she was to him. Naturally, my heart broke again but I had no idea things were about to turn around so fast, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. She had a party later that night and posted pictures of her and her girls having fun, I was wondering why she hadn’t blocked me at this point because I usually liked her pictures regularly, she probably wanted me to know and witness her happiness with him.

I went to bed sad that night and woke up with a headache so nasty I began to wonder if I partied with Temmy on her birthday, I picked up my phone to see if I would see pictures of her and Demola together from the previous night (leave me and my pathetic self alone) and Bam! I saw it, Demola proposed to Temmy on her birthday, he wore a fez cap so I couldn’t see his face well but I knew he was the one, he had to be the one, no wonder he put up the post on her birthday, he had been planning to propose, the world tilted slightly and I had to hold the wall for support to avoid losing my balance but it didn’t work. I fell to the ground and kept looking at them, she looked so surprised and he looked, well I couldn’t see his face but he must have been happy. He left me and proposed to her in less than two months. I managed to look at other pictures she posted just so I could really look at Demola’s face when I saw a picture of him without his cap, only this time, it wasn’t him. The guy who proposed wasn’t Demola, Someone else proposed to Temmy and she said yes! It hit me then! Demola had just been duped. His ‘beloved’ Temmy had been cheating on him just the way he was cheating on me. What a wawu! There was a God in Heaven after all. I rushed to his own page to find that he had deleted the one picture he put up of her. I giggled and couldn’t resist writing a comment on his most recent post. I simply typed “congratulations on our wife’s engagement”, walked into my bathroom, took a long shower and for the first time in a while slept like a baby because Karma had come visiting but this time, he was on my side.

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