Banke's Tales: The Relationship

By Oluwashantel |

Bianca wished she never accepted his proposal, even as she hurried out of her small office so that she could beat the traffic to meet him for their dinner date. She looked at her wristwatch, one of the many gifts she constantly got from her lover, she checked how many minutes she had left before he pronounced her late as usual. She managed to plaster a smile on her face to murmur goodbyes to her colleagues who showed no signs of leaving early. 'The day has been stressful enough, i won't add working late to the mix'. Bianca mused to herself.


Hot air washed over her face as soon as she stepped out of the office building and she knew she would start sweating in a matter of minutes, her peach turtle neck sweater and black plaid pants would ensure that. She started wishing she wore something more appealing, not that Olabode would complain but he would rake those cold eyes over her to show his disapproval of her outfit. "He would have to get over it" Bianca said to herself, "I can't dress to please him at all times". She saw her cabman trying to find a good spot to park and quickly went to get into the vehicle.

"Good afternoon madam, hope say work good today? " the driver greeted. "Afternoon, Jude, work went well enough, thank you. " Bianca replied. "Madam, why your face con be like that, you know say this life, e no good make person dey strong face" Jude went on. "Could you just drive, I'm very tired today, jude" Bianca knew that Jude was always pleasant on most occasions but he sometimes talked too much, mostly on days like this when all she needed was a little peace and quiet. He never took the hints to keep quiet though and Bianca wished the journey would end soon. Few minutes later she looked up from her phone to check their progress and realised Jude was heading towards her house and not where she was meeting her lover. "Jude, where are you going? I told you to take me to Chase Restaurant, why are you heading to my house? " Bianca quipped. "Madam, no vex, as you No talk, I think say Na house you dey go, make I turn" Jude responded. "How would you know where to go, when all you do is talk, you can't be quiet for a second and let your brain work, please just turn around and take me to the chase restaurant" Bianca knew she said too much even as she sat back and watched Jude frantically trying to put them back on the right track, and even though it was her fault for not giving him directions,she couldn't help but lash out at him.

Now, she was definitely going to get there late and he would be irritated by her tardiness. She reached for her phone and dialed his line, he picked it up almost immediately "Hello Bee, Where are you? " Bode asked. "Hey, erm, I am on the way, had a little detour but I am almost there now, what about you? " Bianca knew he would already be there, he was never late despite the unavoidable traffic. "I arrived here about five minutes ago, I'll be waiting for you, bee". "I am sorry I am late,see you in a bit" Said Bianca. “Okay” Bode said and hung up the phone.

Bode wondered even as he sat in restaurant why she liked to intentionally rile him up, bianca knew how much he hated tardiness. He loved her with every fiber of his being but boy, did she get on his nerves? He looked out through the transparent doors and wondered how much longer she would be then decided to sip from his wine glass while he impatiently awaited her arrival.

Bianca could tell from his voice that he was already angry. “drive faster now, Jude” Bianca half grumbled. “haaa, madam, you no sabi say this traffic wey we enter so, na because say I don dey drive tey tey, na im go make we comot fast fast, if to say na that time wey I just start to dey drive, we for dey one place since. E even get one time like this, wey one bus wan jam the taxi wey I dey drive. If you see as I turn inside sharp corner, be-” “Jude!” Bianca screamed. “ Just drive,please” she said as calmly as she could manage. “No vex,madam” Jude started. “we don almost reach, na chase we dey look for front so” He finished. Bianca looked and saw that the chase restaurant was in view.

Finally, they got to the restaurant and she half jumped out of the car. “Thank you Jude” she said. “make I come back abi oga Bode go drop you for house?” Jude asked. “Don't worry, Bode will drop me off at my place, thanks again” and she walked briskly into the small compound. As soon as she was inside, she smoothed her pants and flattened her hair with her palms. If she looked as bad as she felt, then she probably looked like crap. Still, she straightened her spine and headed for the doors, it automatically opened and as soon as she walked in, she saw Bode at his favorite corner. He turned, waved her over and sat back. She walked to him and they hugged and he pecked her on cheek, she smiled at the gesture and took her seat.

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“I'm sorry i'm late, but you know Jude, he wasn't concentrating and we missed a turn, it took him a while before we could get back on track.” Bianca explained. “Your makeup is smudged” Bode stated flatly. “Oh, I didn't know that.” bianca replied, for some reason, she wanted so badly to cry. “Go to the ladies and fix your face, bee” Bode ordered. Bianca stood without questions and went to the ladies. He watched her leave and shook his head. This was going to be one long date. He hadn't meant to be hard on her but she looked terrible, her brows were half wiped, her powder was running and her lips were bare, he had already told her numerous times that she was to dress up whenever she was to be seen in public with him. He had to admit that even as she sashayed her shapely butt away, she was naturally beautiful. He wouldn't be caught dead telling her that though, women were like dogs, shower them with affection, food and provide for their needs and they'll be loyal, but they still needed to be kept on a leash. He had seen firsthand what could happen when you give a woman too much power.

Bianca walked out few minutes later looking better but with puffy eyes, he instantly knew she had been crying. “weakling” he mumbled to himself. She sat across the table and looked at straight at him as if she intended to say something but changed her mind and reached for his wine glass. However, bode put his hand over hers and whispered “You shouldn't drink that, it's not good for you, let me order a coke for you.” “I can't even take a drink? Come on Bode, its wine” Bianca was almost losing it. “ We'll be married in a few weeks, bee. I need your body to be ready to make babies for me, we can't have you screwing that up now, can we?” he signaled for a waiter to come and ordered a coke and some juice for her. “ You're choking me, bode” Bianca said almost inaudibly. “What?” Bode asked in a tone that dared her to say another word. Bianca knew he had heard her and was upset, he could see a vein twitching on his forehead and that only happened when he was really mad, but that didn't stop her from screaming “ You are choking me!” As soon as she spoke, she realized faces were turned towards their table now and even as she turned to look at Bode for his reaction, He hit her hard across the face and she felt her earring fly off with the force of the blow. She held her stung face and looked at the man she was going to marry, only this time, she didn't see a man, she saw a monster, a monster who was currently clenching his fist.

To be continued. Please drop a comment if you enjoyed this story. click here to read the continuation.

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Interesting read, beautifully written.
This is an interesting read, beautifully written.
Lovely piece my dear...kudos
Wonderful piece...I believe in on ...
Oyinkansola Bolaji
Weldone sis, lovely piece
Lovely piece babe, waiting anxiously for what comes next.
Lovely piece babe...waiting anxiously for what comes next
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