Banke's Tales: When Karma is Your Friend

By Oluwashantel |


This story introduces a series of real life events. I am Banke and I will be telling you tales as experienced by me. I was going to start writing a professional article when I realized that you guys will probably learn more if I just share from my reservoir of amazing, sour and sometimes hilarious experiences in this our Naija.


Demola and I met on Instagram (relax before you judge me o), he slid into my DM and things got cracking from there. I didn’t usually mind messages like that but this dude was smoking hot, a perfect definition of short dark and handsome, trust me guys, whatever he lacked in height, he made up for in other areas *wink* . So the conversation moved from the usual getting to know him questions to polite and then romantic all in two weeks. But you know what they say, when you know, you know. Boy! I thought I knew. As a good girl that I was now, I didn’t want to make the first move so I waited patiently for him to ask for a meet. I was hoping deep down that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I was not.

Demola invited me for his sister’s wedding and even though I was reluctant at first, a friend made me understand that the easiest way to know a man is to study him in his most relaxed state. So I thought to myself, where else would a man be relaxed if not amidst family and friends. The day came and I attended with one of my friends so that I wouldn’t really be alone. We found a spot not so crowded in the hall and quickly took our seats. As I tried to get comfortable, I spotted him and immediately knew I was doomed to fall for him, he looked so dapper in his traditional outfit and there was a way he hung his cap that made my heart do a little happy dance. I quickly averted my eyes as soon as he noticed me and started walking over to me. He flashed a smile that could be the star of a close-up advert and asked me to move over to his table somewhere in front. I picked up my purse and trudged over like a lamb being led to the slaughter till I felt a pinch on my arms, I looked back angrily only to be face to face with my plus 1, she gave me a look that implied that she was not too pleased. “no vex babe, I should have introduced you two”. The truth was I had forgotten that someone was with me.

As soon as we got to the table, we were warmly welcomed by those already seated there, I naturally assumed that they were his close friends, a particular lady went the extra mile and introduced herself to us “I’m Temmy”, she said (P.S You want to remember that name) “would you guys like to eat anything?” she continued. A part of me instantly disliked her for some reason I couldn’t place. We smiled politely and said we just arrived and were fine for the moment.  She just nodded. Demola came back and asked why we weren’t eating yet and instantly ordered Temmy to get us something ( Strike one). Temmy hurried off to do his bidding and I immediately launched into a conversation with my girlfriend as to how I felt about Temmy. My friend felt convinced that she was either his sister or a family friend even though it didn’t feel that way to me at all. Everything else that happened was blur but I did remember getting one big handfan as souvenir from Temmy on which was boldly written “courtesy-Temmy and Demmy”. Haba guys, you thought the story would end here? Check out the part two. You would not believe what I found.


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