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3 Dos And Don'ts For A Wedding Guest's Outfit

You Have been invited to a wedding and in as much as Aso-ebi can make what to wear a little less stressful, one isn't always in the mood for it, here are a few tips for you if you feel like deviating from the norm without being an inconsiderate wedding guest.

How To Make Your Wedding Makeup Last All Day

Image:Charis Hair & Beauty Boudoir

We want your big day to go as smoothly as it can, even if you're not a huge fan of makeup, You know the imporatnce of looking your best on your wedding day and since you're going to be up all day greeting family members, taking pictures and dancing, You might want to check out these tips to make your wedding make up last longer.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Stubborn Facial Hair Before Your Wedding

Image: WaterCoolerConvos

Facial hair is not flattering and most women will do anything to get rid of the ones that have taken permanent residence on their face.

Excessive facial hair growth in black women is often caused by hormonal changes. When estrogen is the predominant hormone, facial hairs remain in their vellus form ( small hair that is not easily noticeable).

But when androgen levels increase, vellus hairs can become terminal. This means that male sex hormones cause a pattern of facial hair growth more similar to a man. The hairs on the face become coarse, thick and more noticeable and absolutely unsexy.

There simple ways you can get rid of them and have the smooth facial skin you have always wanted