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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Stylist

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As women, no matter how much we think we can multitask, we may not exactly be able to do it all. Wedding planning and delegation of tasks should be sorted just after the engagement so that the bride can still work, live and prepare for her wedding while also resting.

7 Types of Bridesmaids At A Wedding Party

An average bride wants her friends to play a major role on her big day, she longs to have her friends as involved in the process as they can be, hence, the bridesmaids. Most of these friends are either really close to the bride or have made major impact in her life at some point, maybe even introduced her to the groom. This simply means that there are different personalities rolled into the bridesmaids' ball. These are the different types of bridesmaids you will most likely find at any wedding party.

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lingerie For Your Wedding Day


Bridal fashion has taken a sexy turn in recent years. Designers like Mai Atafo, Toju Foyeh and Aprilbykunbi are redefining the traditional wedding dress with daring cutouts, plunging necklines and curve-hugging styles that leave very little to the imagination.

If you find yourself in love with a sultry silhouette but don't know what to wear under it (hint: your usual bra and panties probably aren't for this), we're here to help. From clingy fabrics to open backs, we've got the perfect answers to your underwear issues.

6 Ways To Wear Your Glasses On Your Wedding Day As A Bride

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Most women who wear glasses on a daily basis probably won’t want to wear them on their wedding day. But sometimes, this is inevitable and sometimes the glasses are such a part of the bride's personality, it’s hard to imagine her without. In a word, a bride in glasses is one cool lady and here are some tips on how to get the most out of the look.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Wedding Jewelry


Despite having multiple focal points throughout the day, from the dress and color scheme to the location and menu, many brides underestimate the power of accessories and risk the dangers of getting it wrong.

Below are some things you should know before picking wedding accessories.