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Banke's Tales : The Relationship (3)

This is the third part of this story, if you are stumbling on this, you might want to read Part one and two here. The Relationship (1) The Relationship(2) .

“Calm down Bee, It’s not what you think?” Bode sounded strained. “How can it not be?” Bianca continued screaming, you murdered him, you evil man, you murdered him, I should have known you were capable of-” Bianca was sobbing now. “ Bee, do not say anything you will regret, I’m coming over to you now, stay there and don’t call anyone” Bode put on his khaki shorts and yellow vest, picked up his car keys and dashed out like a mad person was on his trail.

The Bachelor Party That Almost Ruined The Wedding

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The story that I’m about to tell you is crazy and ridiculous, but it’s also a true account of the little mistakes that almost ruined an otherwise perfect wedding. The names have been changed and the details have been tweaked slightly to protect the identities of the persons involved.14 September 2016, my best friend—let’s call him Michael—got back from the United States where he had been studying. His wedding was due in a month and he’d come home to participate in the final preparations. Michael and I had lived in the same neighbourhood, attended the same primary school, and become great friends. When he got back and asked me to be his best man, I was really happy.

Banke's Tales : The Relationship (2)

This is the continuation of this story, if you just stumbled on this, you might want to click here to read the first part.

A waiter who had witnessed the horrible scene watched as the ‘gentleman’ started to move his fist towards the lady, he couldn’t watch what was about to happen so he ran to the man and told him the company was against assault as it wasn’t good for publicity. “Who are you to tell me what is or isn’t acceptable?” Bode exclaimed,

Banke's Tales: The Relationship

Bianca wished she never accepted his proposal, even as she hurried out of her small office so that she could beat the traffic to meet him for their dinner date. She looked at her wristwatch, one of the many gifts she constantly got from her lover, she checked how many minutes she had left before he pronounced her late as usual. She managed to plaster a smile on her face to murmur goodbyes to her colleagues who showed no signs of leaving early. 'The day has been stressful enough, i won't add working late to the mix'. Bianca mused to herself.

Three Things We Learnt From #BAAD 2017

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Duh! You all already knew I was so going to write about this. Now, love is a beautiful thing. But love between Banky and Susu is magical. I awaited their union like I personally had a stake in it. Two effortlessly affable people coming together to build a home, now that’s something to desire. And so, as I sat on my flat bed scrolling through pictures from the wedding and thinking of how my data would probably vanish soon, some things occurred to me about their union. Stuff that might seem plain but on closer look carries a deeper meaning.

Disclaimer:  Banky W or Adesua did not tell me anything o, I’m merely using my church mind.

How I became Lord Of The Rings. Literally!


This is my story... Adanne Uzimaka is my name and I hail from Mbaise in Imo State, I have become the symbol for 'lord of the rings'. I got engaged by my heartthrob 15 years ago and I have refused vehemently to take off his ring as I see myself married to him.

Banke's Tales : The Bride Who Left Her Husband To Be At The Altar

This is  the concluding part of this story, click here to read the first part.

My mind quickly contemplated my options. I didn't know the first thing about this lady, and I wasn't prepared to go to jail for harbouring a fugitive. But as I turned to walk away, there was a loud, really loud rumble in the sky, as though God was trying to warn me.

Banke's Tales : The Runaway Bride

I had always seen it in movies; always read it in the papers—how young innocent ladies are forced into unholy matrimonies, and how they are compelled to tie the knots with men they barely knew. But I had always regarded the issue as one would regard a myth or a legend, that is, I didn’t believe it was something that could actually happen in reality.

Is It Ok To Propose At Someone Else's Wedding ?

Over the weekend, a photo stating that a young man had proposed to his lady at his friend's wedding circulated the internet. This made me remember that I had experienced this before... Then, I didn't find it funny and almost a year after it happened, I still cringe whenever I think of that day.

Banke’s Tales : When Karma Is Your Friend (3)

This is the concluding part of this story; you can read the first and second part before continuing. (Karma 1 & Karma 2).

I dropped my phone through shaky hands and sank to the floor, I know that sounds dramatic but at this point, I was already very much in love with Demola and I wasn’t in the mood for any heart breaks (not that anyone ever is). After a few minutes of indulging in some serious self –pity, I stood up and called my friend, she always knew what to do in situations like this. “Babe” I started as soon as she picked it, “I think Demola is dating that Temmy girl I told you about”. “The one from the wedding?” she replied. “I knew it, I just knew that something was up with that girl, she get olosho eye, husband snatcher gene dey her body, we need to show her we don’t play around”