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Banke's Tales : Tamara's Nightmares

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"Tamara, what exactly is the issue? What did I do to wrong you? Just--Just tell me".
"Sweetheart, nothing-You did not do anything" My voice was shaky with tears.
"This is the same thing I've been asking you for how long now? Tamara, why are you torturing

Banke's Tales : Tamara's Nightmares (2)


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"Madam, sell this fish for me abeg. You no dey know customer?"
My favourite fish monger had brought the Catfish I had ordered.
I would not let my husband travel the following day. I knew what to do.
Jude always looked forward to my pepper soup. I had planned to make a very delicious one that night.

Banke's Tales : Two Can Play This Game Of Love

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Hello Guys, I'm back with another riveting tale and yes, It happened.

I used to be a hopeless romantic and this pattern continued for about 7 years straight. There was nothing new to relationship with the opposite sex that I had no knowledge about. My friends called me the 'relationship encyclopedia'.

Banke's Tales : When Karma is Your Friend(2)

This is the continuation of this story and in case you stumbled on this, you might want to read the first part. (Click Here To Read Part One) Demola and I continued talking after the party and I soon forgot about Temmy. As a matter of fact, things went so smoothly that we started dating in a matter of days, I thought there was no point prolonging the inevitable, afterall, we were in love.

Live and Let Live!

Some months back, I attended a friend's wedding in Ondo State. The atmosphere was regal; our aso-ebi was on point and the bridal shower which had held the previous day had been a success. However, the reception which was held at a very cosy venue not too far from the church and which was supposed to be a jolly affair turned out to be a nightmare which I never enjoyed.

Banke's Tales: When Karma is Your Friend


This story introduces a series of real life events. I am Banke and I will be telling you tales as experienced by me. I was going to start writing a professional article when I realized that you guys will probably learn more if I just share from my reservoir of amazing, sour and sometimes hilarious experiences in this our Naija.

How I Almost Fell In Love With A Married Man

I met a married man. I didn’t know he was married and now that I think of it, I should ask my friend who introduced us for an explanation. Did he too not know his friend was married?
Anyway, Mr K (let’s call the married man that) was amazing.

Amina's Plight

From the age of 16, Amina Danbara had fantasized about her dream wedding. She wanted the right blend of colours, a diamond ring in particular for her engagement, a 6ft tall man who would be very wealthy, influential and handsome. She even shared most of her plans and wishes to her friends at that tender age.

Is Your Wedding day Really Your Day

I absolutely adore weddings and because of this, I never miss an opportunity to attend any wedding I think I would enjoy.  So over the weekend, I attended a friend's wedding. Yes, (covers face),  they are all getting married,  and I'm like "Lord, where is bae?"

Big Mummy "palava"

I attended a friend's wedding recently and to an extent, it was fun. But you know in Nigeria, a wedding is considered imperfect if item 7 falls short of inspection. Yes! At this friend's wedding, everything was gorgeous and I mean gorgeous. The decor, the bridesmaids' dresses, aso-ebi. Everything was on point. But at the climax of the event, that time where guests were eagerly awaiting trays and trays of exquisitely prepared delicacies, things came to a standstill.