Is It Ok To Propose At Someone Else's Wedding ?

By Ayo Al |

Over the weekend, a photo stating that a young man had proposed to his lady at his friend's wedding circulated the internet. This made me remember that I had experienced this before... Then, I didn't find it funny and almost a year after it happened, I still cringe whenever I think of that day.


 Surprisingly,  some of my friends who attended the event thought it was acceptable and perfectly okay to propose to your lady at someone else’s reception. I am sorry guys but I think this is unacceptable. This is a big NO-NO on my day.

 Here is what happened..

 Following his toast, the best man proceeded to say in quite a lengthy speech that he had been looking for something special his whole life and apparently, he had found it.  After giving the whole lovey-dovey speech, the next thing we saw was that he walked over to a table, knelt down in front of his girl friend and proposed.

 Initially,  I had thought permission was given to the best man to proceed with his actions at the reception but we later found out we were wrong. Best man did everything on his own and informed no one prior to his taking such action. Maybe he thought he was such close friends with the couple and would be forgiven, I cannot say.  Nonetheless, I consider this unacceptable.

 Not only did he just take away the spotlight from the couple, his behavior totally lacked class and tact. No effort whatsoever to make the day special to his lady. Perhaps, that was his way of ensuring he got an automatic YES. Could you imagine what would have transpired if she had said NO? You cannot? - I don’t want to imagine it either.

 Could it also be that the young man thought it a very special way to propose and saw nothing wrong with his actions?  Maybe that was the case but that was the last thing on everyone's mind. His girlfriend was not only embarrassed, she had to eventually apologise profusely to the bride who was totally upset...

 Please, if you want a public proposal, no one is against this.  Only thing is ensure you use your discretion. You want a joyful and successful proposal, you do not want to be mocked or  r given angry looks by the couple and the guests.

Even though sometimes, you want to surprise everyone, it wouldn't hurt to tell one or two people about your plan, they could advise you on how to make it better or tell you the plain truth if your plans are not so authentic.

Future husband, na beg I dey beg you o, no try am. I'm sure every lady wants to be the centre of attention but I refuse to believe anyone would want this at the cost of another's happiness.

 Trust Nigerians, they like to "carry other people's matter on their heads." A lot of insults were rained on the man who had dared to do the dreaded. I'm not sure if the best man in my own experience is still friends with the groom or not but I'm sure the friendship has suffered a dent.

Would You let someone propose to their lover at your wedding with or without your permission, let me know in the comment section.



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