4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Stylist

By Ayo Al |

Image: Wedding Fashion Stylist

As women, no matter how much we think we can multitask, we may not exactly be able to do it all. Wedding planning and delegation of tasks should be sorted just after the engagement so that the bride can still work, live and prepare for her wedding while also resting.


A wedding stylist should have ample knowledge of design and be able to match your personal style with your chosen wedding theme; these include anything from flower arrangements to styling the tables.


In this part of the world, some people refer to wedding stylists as wardrobe proprietors who have the responsibility of sourcing all outfits and assembling looks for your many Nigerian wedding ceremonies.


Thinking about hiring a wedding stylist? Here are some factors to consider in helping you make that decision:


  1. Saving Time


Making decisions on colours and style can be very time consuming so you have to be ready to spend your whole Saturday in the market looking at fabrics for your introduction and traditional wedding or visiting bridal stores for your accessories and potential white wedding dress.


  1. Stress Relief


Hiring a wedding stylist signifies that you agree to let someone else handle the stress of fulfilling all your styling needs and complete your wedding wardrobe in exchange for a consultation fee.


  1. Bargaining Deals 


An experienced wedding stylist will have a budding relationship with fabric suppliers and dress-makers. This person will be in the best position to bargain hot deals according to your chosen budget.


  1. Creativity


A stylist will come up with ideas and themes for your wedding wardrobe including colour combinations based on your personal style or willingness to try something new. 


If you think you will be able to combine going to work or running your business alongside planning and styling your wedding wardrobe, go for it! If not, it’s best to set aside some money for this purpose to live a balanced life in the days leading up to your wedding.