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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married In Ikoyi Marriage Registry  


Located in a safe and secure location in the heart of Ikoyi at Falomo. The Federal Ikoyi Marriage registry is one of the most popular and most used wedding registries in Lagos. I'm sure you must have seen pictures of different couples at the registry on different Social Media platforms. Couples from other states also come to the Federal Marriage registry to get married. What is so special about it and what are the requirements? Are you also planning to get married at The Ikoyi Marriage Registry, here are the requirements you need 


All You Need To Know About The Edo Traditional Wedding Ceremony

There is something about traditional marriage that i really like since that is where you get to see old customs and practices. Also seeing a bride adorned in her cultural attire makes everything feel so spectacular. So i will be giving you an idea of the process involved when you want to marry an Edo woman

How To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage



The first year of marriage can be incredibly hard. Instead of focusing on what frustrates you about your partner, however, bear in mind  that the “quality of your marriage is in direct proportion to how willing you are to look inside yourself and grow emotionally.

5 Ways To Determine If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Have you been having wild thoughts of your lover cheating recently? Are you getting all worked up because you have doubts as to whether or not he or she is faithful?
Worry no more, read on for five sure signs your partner has interests elsewhere.

7 Fun Things To Do With Your Significant Other In Lagos

With several must-see attractions, exotic beaches, some of the best hotels in the world and an enviable nightlife, Lagos city offers you an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

If you live in Lagos or you are just visiting with your boo, below are some fun things you guys can do together to build intimacy.

Tips for Virgins about Honeymoon Sex

You have much to enjoy and look forward to in the months and years ahead as a married couple, but the honeymoon marks the official intimate celebration for you and your beloved as there will be no parents, no more planning details.
Well, we can’t say the word honeymoon without sex being a big part of the vacation festivities, however If you'll be a virgin on your wedding night, you're probably feeling some apprehension about what will happen on your honeymoon, but there's truly no need to worry. Here are some really effective honeymoon sex tips for virgins. These tips will ensure that your first time is just as how you wished it to be.

3 Phrases That Might Help To Build Intimacy

You and your partner sailed past the honeymoon phase months ago, and now you’re more in the 'please don’t forget to make the gotv subscription on the way home' phase of adult romance.

How do you keep the love alive when life’s everyday hustle gets in the way especially in this recent state of economic crisis in Nigeria?

Below are some five simple phrases that a woman should say to increase love in a relationship.

How To Cope With A Workaholic Husband


Being in a relationship with someone who is a workaholic could be tasking, especially if the love and chemistry is there. 

You wonder if he is in love with his job more than with you.

Don't worry, he loves you but can't seem to put all his focus on you, because he has to just finish a report or send an email quick, or go to the office to compile a document.