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How To Plan Destination Weddings: Cruise Ship

Weddings at sea can be the ultimate in romance. Imagine tying the knot under a palm tree on a Caribbean island or being married by a uniformed captain in the middle of the ocean, on a cruise ship that’s taking you to a warm, exotic island for your honeymoon. In addition, a cruise wedding allows you and your guests to visit multiple destinations and easily stay close to one another, plus you can all enjoy the amenities a cruise ship has to offer.

Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding

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The thing I love about weddings and events generally is that it's not limited to a particular location. Destination weddings can help you save costs except if you are paying for flight ticket and hotel for all your guests. It gives a classy, unique and memorable experience.

A Real Nigerian wedding!

So, you have found the one, and you want a quiet wedding in a serene environment where you can celebrate with a few real friends and family. Dear prospective groom, your ambition is understandable. But before you dream further, let me tell you a short story. Once, a friend of mine and a prospective groom had called his mother, and told her he wanted to have a simple wedding at a quiet beach.
“Beash, what beash?” His mother

Sexy Honeymoon Activities

A honeymoon is a vacation; a period of time spent together by newly-married couples following their wedding ceremony.  After all the noise, the sermons, and the mental and emotional stress you’ve just endured, a honeymoon provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy some privacy and discover