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How To Propose And Get Your Engagement Photos At The Same Time

Deciding you want to propose is one of the most exciting moments in a relationship! Taking the next step towards marriage is very important and the proposal is a huge part of it. Planning your proposal is essential, especially if you want to capture the moment with a photographer.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Stylist

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As women, no matter how much we think we can multitask, we may not exactly be able to do it all. Wedding planning and delegation of tasks should be sorted just after the engagement so that the bride can still work, live and prepare for her wedding while also resting.

4 Wedding Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how overwhelming wedding planning can be at times. While it can be way too easy to feel like things are spinning a bit out of control at some point throughout the wedding process, there are a few wedding tips, tricks, and hacks you can use to make the process that much easier and enjoyable. I’ve also listed them in order of when you might use them throughout the planning process.

6 Reasons Why You Should Go For Premarital Counselling

Given the staggering divorce rates, one of the best things you can do to help save your marriage before it begins is premarital counseling. Couples that are involved in a specific church or those that want to be married within the walls of a church are often required by the minister or pastor to receive counseling before he or she agrees to officiate the ceremony. Studies suggest that couples that choose to receive counseling have lower divorce rates than those that do not. Premarital counseling is one of the greatest investments you can make in your future marriage. Whether or not you are concerned about conflict or family as you enter marriage, having counseling before the wedding can result in huge payoffs for the future of your relationship.

A Pre-Wedding Shoot: Necessary Or Just Not?

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A pre-wedding shoot is, as the name implies, a photo shoot staged before the wedding. And although the idea still sounds odd and perplexing to many, it is a style that is fast gaining ground in many parts of the world.  It is, by some miles, the most popular trend in weddings today.

Now, some couples absolutely love the idea of a pre-wedding shoot; some couples think it’s a waste of time and money; and there are those who say that they simply prefer ‘candid’ shots.

So, opinions are divided. But if you asked me, I’d say, ‘oh yeah, go for it!’

Tips on Creating A Unique Wedding Hash Tags


The most popular trend in weddings right now is probably the use of hash tags and we will be sharing with you useful tips on how to pick the perfect one for your own wedding. (Yes, we know you are as eager as we are.)

Although hash tags are everywhere, you have to agree that it is not all the ones you have come across that impressed or fascinated you (though it’s none of our business anyway).

We know you saw some hash tags and wondered at the sense behind it, silently telling yourself your hash tags must be the best. Not to worry, that is why we are here.