The long walk to the altar : Lights, Camera, Action!

By Ademola Adeyoju |

Several studies have concluded that most brides have serious anxiety about walking down the aisle on their wedding day. The anticipation of the big day, the fever that comes with standing in a crowd of faces, and the thought of standing at the altar to be wed can make even the calmest brides feel a little nervous.


The long walk down the aisle is probably the most significant and the scariest you’ll ever take. Forget what you feel when you walk alone into a company boardroom during a serious meeting, or indeed how you feel when a thousand faces turn to look at you as you walk into a quiet classroom with loud, really loud heels; walking down the aisle is a totally different experience.
Perhaps it’s the extra-charged atmosphere, or maybe it’s the nervousness that comes with the awareness of what the walk represents, but of all the distance you’ll ever have to cover, walking down the aisle is probably the most terrifying!
I once saw a bride-to-be trip on her way to the altar, and as soon as the accident registered in her brain, she awkwardly tried to lift herself up
and straighten her gown, while her father – old and feeble – simply watched on. Thoroughly embarrassed and rattled, the bride-to-be finally regained her composure, mustered enough will and proceeded to complete what was arguably the most agonizing walk of her life.
The images played in my head for a long time, and I couldn’t stop wondering why the lady had been so flustered. So I finally made conscious efforts to recreate the whole scene in my head, assumed the personality of a bride-to-be, and began - slowly, but deliberately – a walk down the imaginary aisle.
So, was it terrifying? Yes!
Picture this: Imagine walking into a big hall full of people staring intently, watching every step you take; imagine your partner on a grand stage waiting with feverish impatience to be joined with you; imagine the sudden rush of adrenaline once the reality of what you’re about to do hit you, the sudden heat that creeps under your wedding robe; imagine the tingling under your feet and the rumbling in your stomach as butterflies flicker about; imagine the wave of dizziness that sweeps over you as a
thousand thoughts swirl through your head as you experience the most thrilling and the most terrifying moment of your life.
Still, as scary as it sounds, walking down the aisle can be a wonderful experience with a little practice, courage and composure.
Dear bride-to-be, Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Lights, camera, action!

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Smiles,it's really a great day to look forward to. Thanks bro