The perfect Wedding Proposal Ideas

By Ademola Adeyoju |

 Much like planning a wedding, setting up a good proposal can be hard and challenging. It often requires a substantial amount of money, time, and energy. Perhaps much more than a wedding, making a unique proposal demands fine attention to details. It is imperative to get a clear picture


of who your girlfriend is and a good understanding of what makes her tick, in order to create a romantic, thoughtful, personalized wedding proposal.

For instance, you need to think about certain things like: where did you meet? What are her favourite colours, place, and food? Also, has she betrayed enough subtle hints to show that she’s ready to commit to you? (You don’t want your proposal to end in a painful, brutal embarrassment.)

Now, as I have mentioned, planning a memorable proposal is no mean feat. The internet, reality TV shows, and the social media (especially those insanely cute wedding pictures online) have not helped matters. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to invent the element of surprise and spun an ingenious wedding proposal.

Indeed, studies show that about 80 percent of married women reported being disappointed with their proposal. Mere thinking about it is enough to make one’s temperature rise. But you know what else is caused by heat and pressure?


Gone are the days when a guy could spun a ring – on the spot – out of some rotten banana leaves, or when he could propose with a scrap of metal (as was done in the Transformers movie). Diamonds rings have become an expression of love – the bigger the ring, the bigger the love, the more likely the chances that the lady will say ‘Yes’. It’s odd, but it’s true.

Now, here are a few general ideas on how to make a memorable proposal:

Pick the Perfect Location

Personally, I think the best place to propose is where both of you first met. It is romantic as well as symbolic – romantic because the place is special to the two of you and symbolic because it signifies that your relationship has come full circle. You can also organize a surprise party, propose over a candlelit dinner, do it at a beach, or sneak into her office. If you have the money, you could ask her on a trip, book a fancy restaurant, or even rent a plane to write the words in the sky!

Get the Perfect Ring

I cannot stress this point enough. Almost always, the chances that you will get a ‘yes’ depends on the kind of ring you’ve got. Unless of course you’re lucky, and your fiancée is a devote Christian who have her treasure in heaven and doesn’t pay much attention to material things! God knows that’s the kind of lady I want!

Be Simple, Be Truthful, Be Creative

It is the words you say that makes the whole thing unique. Look deeply into her eyes, search your heart, and speak very slowly. Don’t just say will you marry me. That’s too dry; too cliché. Tell her exactly how you feel about her, how special she is, and why you think she’s the perfect fit.  You’re taking an important step together, and so if there’s ever a time to be fluent in thoughts and in words, it is now.

Get a Smart Photographer

A photographer won’t influence your fiancée’s decision to say yes, yet you want to have someone capture that incredible moment you choose – to the exclusion of every other lady on earth – to propose to the girl of your dreams. It’s a huge moment, and you should have it documented somehow.

Invite Her Friends and Family Over

It is a thoughtful gesture to have her loved ones around to congratulate and share in her - and by implication, your - happiness, but make sure to hide them somewhere until the deed has been done, unless of course you’re planning on proposing at a family gathering or dinner. You don’t want her to suspect anything. You don’t want all your efforts to go to waste.

Do Whatever You Want

I know most people won’t tell you this, but hey, it’s your proposal. There are no hard and fast rules. You can propose on a mountain top, you can do it on Skype, you can do it in a moving train, or you can do it on national TV. You can paint the words; you can write them under your shirt; you can even have waiters serve the ring (just make sure that she doesn’t swallow it. Naija babes love food!)

Oops, space is up. I wish you the very best.


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Hehehe, @Classykrafts, I'm glad you like it!
Lol, This stuff is hilarious, Naija girls too like food... you didn't add cake to the proposal plan