Three Things We Learnt From #BAAD 2017

By Oluwashantel |

Photo Credit: SCGEORGE photographer

Duh! You all already knew I was so going to write about this. Now, love is a beautiful thing. But love between Banky and Susu is magical. I awaited their union like I personally had a stake in it. Two effortlessly affable people coming together to build a home, now that’s something to desire. And so, as I sat on my flat bed scrolling through pictures from the wedding and thinking of how my data would probably vanish soon, some things occurred to me about their union. Stuff that might seem plain but on closer look carries a deeper meaning.

Disclaimer:  Banky W or Adesua did not tell me anything o, I’m merely using my church mind.


 Bubba And Susu

The Beginning

We all woke up to the news that Banky (sharp guy) had secretly proposed to Adesua . Pictures flooded the internet and while some were from well wishers, others were from doubting Thomases and some were from people who downright wanted them to break up. I almost didn’t believe it myself until I saw the heartfelt write-up Adesua put on her page, that kind of depth could not be faked.

Now, we don’t know why the whole thing was done secretly but it certainly worked for them. I understand that a lot of people felt that the wedding party movie made the magic happen between them but Adesua hinted that cupid had been ‘lowkey’ shooting arrows their way even before the movie. So, this is to my ladies out there, you are waiting for him to propose just so you can flaunt the ring or do stories about it (not that I’m against that). Take a moment to ruminate, my sister, you might want to recalculate your actions especially if your village people are chasing you (lol) . On a more serious note though, privacy can make everything a little extra special. The suspense from the beginning created an anticipation that was almost palpable. He had proposed, secretly, we were waiting openly… And the monitoring began.

 Adesua Etomi Traditional outift


Staring at the pictures again, I couldn’t help but think “positioning is key”. I saw a funny post online which read “Don’t marry for love, go to where money is and fall in love” and it hit me, love is sweet when there is money. I mean the only getaway I could afford if I wanted to propose secretly would be to my backyard or a banana plantation. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for humble beginnings but let’s be realistic, being comfortable financially can automatically make you romantic to an extent. Now Ladies, if you don’t want to start small, it’s fine, your choice but don’t be looking for a fish on a tree because that’s what most of us do. We’ll now find a monkey on the tree, mistake it for a fish and start nagging it to death when it can’t swim. If you don’t want to manage a guy for who he is and not what he has, leave the road and let others find him. Yeah, I digressed. Now to my Ladies who want to fall in love where money is. Invest in yourself; Rich guys are not at Yaba Market or struggling for yellow buses, they are in board rooms, classy restaurants and diners, churches, wedding parties (wink). If you’re looking to find them, you need to prayerfully position yourself where you can be found physically and emotionally. But hey, I’m still single despite knowing all these, so do what works for you.

 Adesua etomi and Banky W Traditional

Everything In between

Well, remember when I said the monitoring began? I personally stalked their pages looking out for any sign of PDA but ‘mba’, there was nothing anywhere until the official introduction ceremony took place. I know for a fact that there were many others who wanted to see and judge how much they loved each other from the way they fawned over themselves on social media, but my susu and bubba proved to be smarter than that. They carried on with their lives as though they weren’t even engaged except for the millions of Nigerians that wouldn’t stop tagging or referring to them. They still managed to remain as private as celebrities could be in the media world. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show off how happy you and your man are on social media but not always now, I mean, you cook for your man, you post it, you sleep over at his place, you post it, he bought you the latest iPhone, you keep writing “thanks papi” all over the place, my dear… Receive sense! Almost no one wants you to be happier than they are, you are inadvertently sowing seeds of envy and that can easily grow into a bad case of jealousy. Although, in retrospect, one should be able to post whatever they want and so if you’re one of those “bad belle” going about wishing evil wherever you see joy, I’d like you to know that Karma is real.

 BAAD 2017 Groomsmen

If you took time to read this epistle, You’re my friend already and the most important thing I learned from Adesua Etomi and Banky W’s union is that the right friends can help to preserve your dreams. Those involved in planning the proposal could have ruined it if they had announced beforehand. They respected the couple’s wishes. Also, it is worthy to note how both parties adopted each other’s friends as their own. In all, this is one union we pray has a happy ending. The entire Weddingz Team wish the W’s a great marriage filled with true love and understanding.