Top Bridal Shower Locations In Lagos

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Bridal shower is a pre wedding party for intending brides where the bride is showered with love, gifts and well wishes.


It is gradually becoming a norm for brides to be to host their bridal shower or friends of the bride to throw a surprise bridal shower for the intending bride. So if you are an intending bride or planning a surprise bridal shower for a friend, you need to check out these exotic spots in Lagos. 


 Truffles: Located in a serene enviroment at Gra, Ikeja with a nice outdoor setting. It's a very good place to host a bridal shower and quiet affordable also.There is something about the dark indoor decor and music that i absolutely like. From me to you, you will have a great time here. 




Wannekas Lounge: I had the opportunity to visit this lounge early this year for a friend's birthday party and i must admit it's a very nice place. The food is great and the buffet is affordable and a la carte isn't so expensive either. Did i mention that it's in Lekki Phase 1. So if you looking for something classy, this one is for you.



The Backyard Lagos: This is becoming one of my favourite restaurants on the Island, apart from the fact that it has a beautiful photoshoot location, it has an awesome setting too. Besides, you can decide to eat in the yard and the food is incredibly delicious and very affordable too.  

Backyard Bar and Grill



Golden Eagle Spur: I remember the first time i went to spur at Ikeja with a friend, i thought to myself the bill would be off the chart but was so surprised to see the menu and the price. You will definitely get a good price for your meal. It's also very affordable. By the way, you should try their chicken whenever you visit. And oh, the milkshake is delicious. And if you are on the Island, you should visit the one at landmark towers! You'll thank me later




355 Restaurants and Lounge: This restaurant is home away from home. They serve continental and mexican dishes with amazing cocktails you and your friends will enjoy. It's a really good spot to host a bridal shower. It is also located on the island.


Abimbola space: If you don't want to go to a restaurant or bar for the bridal shower, you can book a small event space for the bridal shower and decorate to your taste. This small event space is located at Lekki Phase 1 and it's just by the ocean, it's also a great view to behold. You can book the event space  on ogaVenue and hire Professional decorators to decorate it for you here.

The boardwalk event space: If you are looking for a nice space located in Victoria Island in a serene enviroment, this event space has just what you are looking for to host your bridal shower. All you have to do to have a memorable experience once you book the hall is hire a professional decorator, photographer, caterer and a Dj at Professional by ogaVenue and you'll have a wonderful time.


Know other places that didn't make the list? Comment below!

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Adeniyi omolayo
LA Mango restaurant, Ikeja GRA
411 restaurant VI Lagos. Along adeola Hopewell Street. I hosted my cousins bridal shower and the place was really nice as well