Price Estimate for a Caterer

How much does a caterer cost?

Average cost for a professional caterer ranges from ₦ 1,500 - ₦ 3,000 per guest.

Caterers are definitely important for your event, and its essential that you get skilled and proper catering professionals as well.

Catering cost for an event depends on the location, number of guests that will be catered to as well the type of food that will be served. Event caterers can be hired to only prepare food and drop off while the customer serves themselves. They can also offer the full service whereby they prepare the food, provide the plates and cutleries and also serve the guest. The choice of options service type affects the overall pricing.

A Nigerian caterer charges between 1,500 and 3,000 for a one-course meal and three-course meal respectively. The one-course meal consists of the main dish while the three-course meal consists of starters, main dish, and desserts.Wedding and special event caterers in Nigeria typically charge per guest.

An average meal of 1500 per plate consists of these options below,

Fried Rice
Jollof Rice
2 Soups Of Choice
2 Swallows Of Choice

N.B Kindly note that this is not a fixed price and price is subject to change depending on location and additional food included.

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