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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married In Ikoyi Marriage Registry  


Located in a safe and secure location in the heart of Ikoyi at Falomo. The Federal Ikoyi Marriage registry is one of the most popular and most used wedding registries in Lagos. I'm sure you must have seen pictures of different couples at the registry on different Social Media platforms. Couples from other states also come to the Federal Marriage registry to get married. What is so special about it and what are the requirements? Are you also planning to get married at The Ikoyi Marriage Registry, here are the requirements you need 


How To Propose And Get Your Engagement Photos At The Same Time

Deciding you want to propose is one of the most exciting moments in a relationship! Taking the next step towards marriage is very important and the proposal is a huge part of it. Planning your proposal is essential, especially if you want to capture the moment with a photographer.

5 Tips To Have A Superb Wedding Experience As a Guest

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Nigerian weddings come in various sizes, ethnicities as well as requirements and are possibly the most extravagant, festive, costly, loving, tasking, exciting, unforgettable, and important events you will ever attend to celebrate a marital union. People have risked their material possessions, as well as their physical and mental states, to partake in these ceremonies – from those directly involved all the way to guests.

Ways To Deal With Silent Treatment In Relationships  

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Recently, I have found myself playing the role of agony woman to not just close friends, but also colleagues and even strangers. So, it was not a huge surprise when I got a call from Tito (not real name) at about 9 pm last night asking for advice on how to deal with silent treatment from her boyfriend.

All You Need To Know About The Edo Traditional Wedding Ceremony

There is something about traditional marriage that i really like since that is where you get to see old customs and practices. Also seeing a bride adorned in her cultural attire makes everything feel so spectacular. So i will be giving you an idea of the process involved when you want to marry an Edo woman

How To Have The Commitment Talk In A Relationship

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In every relationship that looks like it might be going somewhere there comes a time when you have to define it. This might be difficult, but how else can you be sure that you’re headed in the same direction?


How to Plan A Bachelor Party

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A bachelor's eve party should be one that will forever remain ingrained in the mind if the groom and everyone involved. Therefore, ensure you plan the best party ever if it falls in your hands.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Stylist

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As women, no matter how much we think we can multitask, we may not exactly be able to do it all. Wedding planning and delegation of tasks should be sorted just after the engagement so that the bride can still work, live and prepare for her wedding while also resting.