All You Need To Know About The Edo Traditional Wedding Ceremony

By Peace Ikhielea |

There is something about traditional marriage that i really like since that is where you get to see old customs and practices. Also seeing a bride adorned in her cultural attire makes everything feel so spectacular. So i will be giving you an idea of the process involved when you want to marry an Edo woman


After a man meets his wife to be, an arrangement will be made on when to visit the in-laws to be with his parents and other elderly relatives of his.

So during this very first visit, every other underground protocol is duly observed in terms of preparations e.t.c. Once everyone is seated, the bride's family then entertains their visitors with drinks and kola nuts while sitting opposite themselves.

After the kola nuts are broken and eaten, the groom's spokesman will now stand up and reveal the purpose of their visit and make a proposal on behalf of their son to marry one of their daughters while he presents as gifts; drinks and kola nuts to the bride's family.

The bride's father or someone who is representing him would now call the lady and asked her if she knows the visitors and his family? Thereafter he will proceed by telling her the purpose of their coming and asks if she agrees to their proposal, if yes, that signifies the acceptance of the drinks presented but if No, that ends it there.

The answers are usually Yes! After the bride's family accepts the the offer, a list would now be given to the groom's family and  thereafter the bride's family will now present food and drinks to everyone.


Traditional Mariage List And Requirements:

(1.) The Holy Bible


(2.) An Umbrella


(3.) A box filled wrappers


(4.) NI,500 for the dowry


(5.) N5,000 for the bride's mother


(6.) N9,000 for the bride's lineage


N3,000 for the bride's father


(7.) N6,000 for the women in bride's lineage


(8.) 28 tubers of yam (7X4)


(9.) 14 tubers of yam for elders in the bride's lineage


(10.) 6 Cartons of beer for the men, could be less sometimes.


(11.) 3 Crates of malts for the women


(12.) 25 litres of palm oil


(13.) 1 jar of palm wine (get the real measurement locally)


(14.) 2 bottles of Schnapps


(15.) 1 Plate of Kola nut


(16.) 1 Carton of wine for sundry usage, usually in the possession of the groom.


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