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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Stylist

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As women, no matter how much we think we can multitask, we may not exactly be able to do it all. Wedding planning and delegation of tasks should be sorted just after the engagement so that the bride can still work, live and prepare for her wedding while also resting.

3 Tips For Picking Aso Ebi For Wedding

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Aso-ebi is a thing – no, it’s a big deal – over here in Nigeria and nothing can send it away any time soon. Regardless of tribe or religion, the importance of Aso-ebi to the average Nigerian socialite can’t be overemphasized. When it comes to slaying, Aso Ebi colours can make or break even the nicest of outfits.

Guide To Picking The Perfect Men's Wedding Shoes

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Footwear is not something guys think about that often. One pair for work, one for sports and one for every other occasion, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Women can point out 12 different types of shoes while walking down a road and while it usually seems like unnecessary information to us, a small bit of knowledge can be really useful when choosing a pair of wedding shoes to wear with your  suit.

Don’t worry, this is not going to bore you

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lingerie For Your Wedding Day


Bridal fashion has taken a sexy turn in recent years. Designers like Mai Atafo, Toju Foyeh and Aprilbykunbi are redefining the traditional wedding dress with daring cutouts, plunging necklines and curve-hugging styles that leave very little to the imagination.

If you find yourself in love with a sultry silhouette but don't know what to wear under it (hint: your usual bra and panties probably aren't for this), we're here to help. From clingy fabrics to open backs, we've got the perfect answers to your underwear issues.

What Not To Wear To A Wedding


In case you have no Idea what to wear to that wedding this weekend, I may not be able to help you but I can tell you what not to wear, that should streamline it a bit. 

Unlike a traditional wedding where almost anything goes, the choice of attire is an important aspect of a ‘tush’ wedding. That’s right. People—in this part of the world—are getting increasingly conscious of dress codes and formalities. But what would you do if you were invited to a wedding and you have got no idea what kind of clothes or colours are appropriate? What would you do where there are no dress code specifications?

Just so you don’t ever find yourself in an awkward wedding situation, let me give you a crash course on wedding dress code etiquette. Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. Just pay attention.

Tips To Help You Look Good Without Outshining The Bride On Her Big Day

I know how difficult it can be to select an outfit for an event and how it is even harder to select an outfit for a wedding. Now, you may be wondering if its even right to tone down your 'hotness' just so you don't outshine the bride, I am not asking you not to look good, i'm just saying don't steal the show from the bride.

Tips On Picking Reception Dresses for Brides

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Over the past few years, many brides have been choosing two  gowns for the big day: one for the ceremony and another one for the reception. The gown for the ceremony tends to be much more formal and movement restricting, such as ball gowns and mermaid dresses.

Wedding dresses For Curvy Brides


Curvy girls rock, can i get an Amen? There are so many wedding dresses out there for slim ladies and while it seems like that is a disadvantage for curvy brides to be, it could be a huge advantage. This simply means we have more options for unique dresses or custom made ones.

If you are curvy, you will need to buy a dress that flatters your curves and slims down your silhouette. Yes, we know you want to look your best on your big day and there are some useful tips to know.

Five Tips For Choosing Wedding Colors (Not As Easy As It Looks)


Planning a wedding should be fun and exciting; after all it is a celebration of love. It is an experience that will forever be remembered because of its importance. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your wedding color scheme. When you think about the infinite number of colors that are available and how special you want your day to be, it is easy to become confused, however with the following tips, you will pick your wedding colors without fuss.