How I became Lord Of The Rings. Literally!

By Peace Ikhielea |


This is my story... Adanne Uzimaka is my name and I hail from Mbaise in Imo State, I have become the symbol for 'lord of the rings'. I got engaged by my heartthrob 15 years ago and I have refused vehemently to take off his ring as I see myself married to him.


I came from a well to do home where I could afford anything I ever wanted, I attended the best schools in Owerri then later traveled to Britain to complete my tertiary education. I was admitted into Coventry University and came out as the best graduating student in my time with a degree in Human Resource Management, I proceeded with my masters degree and also performed excellently. I took my studies with great diligence that I was not perturbed to be in a haste (to fall in love). At the time, I was least concerned with having an affair with someone of the opposite sex.

I returned back from the United Kingdom to undergo the one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps Scheme which my father said was mandatory considering the fact that I was not going to return to the United Kingdom. So I was posted to the Federal Capital Territory to work at the National Assembly (based on my father's connect). I rented a 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Wuse. I enjoyed every bit of time spent in Abuja especially as I had a car to run around town.

During one of my monthly clearance in expectation of the federal allowance for the next month, I met Demola Yusuf Tijani; he was a jovial fellow who caught my attention on that certain day; I later found out we were in the same Cds group so we became close. He would always come to my house to keep me company whenever I was bored, in fact he was a social butterfly so I loved being around him. We grew so fond of each other that we started dating and on one occasion when I was free, we both traveled to Lagos to greet his mother. I was not concerned about his financial status because I knew he was going to be a successful young man later in future.

After my service year, I stayed back in Abuja as I got a good paying job but Demola was not able to get any job. I encouraged him to start a business which I was willing to fund since I had enough money to live on and he did but the business suffered from low sales as there was so much competition in that line of business. Few months later, to compound problems, his mother fell terribly ill and so his business crumbled because he always took out money from the capital to treat her. She later passed away a year after.

He had no father or relative to turn to and so he moved in with me in Abuja and as time went on, he got a meager job but I advised him to take it. It was from the job, he was able to gather money to propose to me. I was so excited that I drove down to Owerri to inform my parents. They were equally happy but requested to meet with Demola before giving their blessings. I set up a meeting between Demola and my parents; on sighting him, my dad slapped him and asked him who gave him the boldness to propose to a beautiful girl like me in his poor state. Telling me how he had done underground research and found out the boy was very poor, didn't have a good job, was not from our tribe and to make matters worse, a Moslem. I begged my dad not to look down on Demola as I believed he would be great and my dad could set him up as well.

For the first time since I was born, my father yelled at me and cursed me that if I disobey him and marry Demola, that I would be disowned and also I would die. Ever since that day, I have refused to see my father and Demola has moved on because he couldn't keep waiting for me but I have refused to take off his ring. Demola is my only love, the only man that ever knew me and I told my father I would rather die than get married to anyone else except Demola. This has made me wear the ring for 15 years now without a husband or child. Love should never be measured by accomplishments, money, fame or background.